This Mood.

This Mood.

Unreal Engine



Certain individuals experience soothing effects from beige and brown shades. Others find tranquility in the vibrant hues of peacocks. We can clearly see what the owner of this bedroom prefers. 🦚

Moody and opinionated

If there were a spectrum with safe design on the left and opinionated design on the right, this bedroom would fall on the right side. With opinionated designs, it's crucial to ensure that a broader audience sees the beauty in it, even if they might not necessarily want it for themselves.

The goal was to create a bedroom with a dark color scheme that's vibrant, moody, and sexy.

My client has a love for birds, which is reflected in the painting that complements the rest of the space. The pampas were chosen because they represent feathers in the plant world. Part of the cabinetry is open, allowing us to store and showcase trinkets, further enhancing the room's personality.

“Man, Tamara really gets me. I never write reiews or comments, but when Tamara asked me, I wass happy to provide my feedbeck.

Working with Tamara was a real joy. When I explained to her what I wanted I wasn't really able to visualize my aestethic. But boy, was whe ale to do that for me. I love that she incorporated details, like my favorite show on TV! I can't wait for us to work more together and I highly reccomend Tamara.”

Martina R.

Feathers Without Feathers 🪶

Cool shades of teal and purple complement the natural, earthy tones of pampas, creating a balanced and harmonious color palette. Gold accents bring a touch of luxury and warmth, bridging the gap between the soothing blues and greens and the organic beige tones.

Together, these colors create an elegant aesthetic that makes a room feel both cozy and sophisticated.