Tamara Ristić

Hey there 👋🏻. I use Unreal Engine 5.2 to create practical, beautiful, and realistic interior designs. All renders are a fusion between function, beauty, and your unique vibe.


Interior Design

Okay, so this is how I approach interior design. First things first, it's important for me to know who will be residing in the space I'm designing and what it's for.

Once I know that, the design process begins. That process requires me to answer a set of questions.

Is this space something where they would feel good and does it satisfy their specific needs? What's the vibe like? Is it cozy, is it minimal, is it modern, is it THEIR VIBE? What's the role of the space and is it functional? We don't want people bumping into sofas on their way to the bathroom. Every corner is supposed to have a purpose. Sometimes the purpose can simply be beauty, and that's fine.

Image & Video Renders


Hyper-realistic renders with amazing and accurate lighting. Completed with sprinkles of details that delight.


Thought through and purpose driven approach. Powered by Unreal Engine 5.2.


You just wanna be there.

About me

It's not easy to find things that fulfill you and give you purpose. I'm one of the lucky ones who has found it. My passion isn't just interior design – it's what that interior design achieves for others. It's important for me that it makes them feel good and gives them long-term joy. To achieve this, I rely on the empathy-first approach. This approach allows me to create easy-going relationships and overall positive environments. I'm driven by the desire to understand, which gives me a sense of urgency and appreciation for deadlines.

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Contact me

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